Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crafty Creations #13- Sweet and yummy

Well as you can see I went with the way yummy part. I was in a baking mood to say the least. Apple Crisp, 3 batches of Cookies, 2 loaves of bread, and overnight biscuits/buns, oh the house smells so yummy still today. I will get the cookie recipe up for you this week yet.

It has been way busy with garage sale and guys in the field so I haven't gotten much done blog wise as of late. The Chickens are up to 8 eggs a day so that should be all of them now. Eggs anyone? We are selling to G-ma/pa Schlangen, Bud's teacher, and may need to add a person or two who asked before, but the boys love it still.


Donna said...

Oh Jaime, these look gorgeous 'slurp' I can almost smell them. I am a terrible cook, I think the cooking gene skipped a generation with me as my mother is a fabulous cook as is my eldest daughter. Oh well, I'll just have to get them to make me some lol. Take Care. Donna x

Saskia said...

Hello Jaime!

Wow... you've been busy!! Mmmm...looks soooo yummy!!! I love all 'sweet and yummy'-food!!!


craft mad Jenny said...

ooh, they look great, yummy!!