Sunday, September 1, 2019

Frightful Dracula

Frightful Dracula
I got a bunch of new toys in this past week, and it turned cold outside.  Well what a better reason to get started on the Halloween pieces I wanted to make. This is my starter...
 ...a spooky little 5x7 block of wood for a freestanding deco piece.

Originally, I had planned on just making a card front and placing it in a frame, but I wanted to utilize the whole 5x7 size.  Well I love working with wood project too, so I found some scraps and cut it to size with a few extras for future projects. (Because if I'm getting man glitter on me, I may as well make it worthwhile. And save myself some time for the next few ideas I have floating in my head.) 

After playing with the crackle stencil (Stampers Anonymous), micro glaze (Ranger), and distressing with Walnut Stain Distress Ink (Ranger) on the "wall"paper, I started with the new window die-cut from Sizzix and Tim Holtz. It's cut on brown paper and then run through the 3D woodgrain folder (Tim Holtz, Sizzix) that was inked with Walnut Stain. Then distressed with Hickory Smoke and Black Soot Oxide Inks (Ranger). The outside window scene was done with more Oxide inks and stenciled branches from more Stampers Anonymous stencils (set 23).  The bat was done with texture paste mixed with Black Soot Distress Re-Inker smooshed through a bat stencil from Echo Park. After assembling I covered in glaze from the Paper Mosaics Kit from Ranger. The bat is on the inside of the window, so no glaze. I added a second window frame over the top after it had dried.

The bottle are from the Regions Beyond Tim Holtz set (Sizzix). The eyeballs and poison are from a Taylored Expression's Toil and Trouble stamp set. The shelf is a window piece. The skull is from a Halloween assortment from Amazon.
Since I used scrap wood this piece just so happened to have a screw hole in it right where I had torn my wall paper.  Well it needed something fun stuck in it.  So a hand from the same brass bead assortment landed there with some red embossing powder and glue.  Well that hand needed to do in came the candelabra from my Toil and Trouble set's die cuts. I had to hand adjust a few things like the candle length and cut off the base and make it a hanger, but it worked out okay.  I'm not entirely thrilled with the candle details I'll probably add some detailed drips yet. I hand drew the drips and embossed in red and then glazed the whole back to help with the strength. It also helps it hold its rounded shape.
The blood drips are actually the candle drips from Regions Beyond die set inked in Candy Apple and coated with paper mosaic glaze. I cut some apart as needed to fit my areas.  The "fright" and "beware" is from stencil set noted above. I tried to do it in crackle texture paste tinted with Forest Moss re-inker, but it wasn't thick enough to hold the shape.  I lifted what I could off and switched over to my premixed bat mixture. The skull is from Frightful Things die set, distressed with Antique Linen, DO Hickory Smoke, and DO Black Soot.
Old Drac is from Monster Reunion stamp set (Tim Holtz, Stampers Anonymous). He's colored with various brands of alcohol makers and fussy cut. So worth the time on the cutting.  I popped him up with foam tape to pop him off the front a bit. I had to add in the drop of blood, because HELLO it's Dracula! It was totally a extra snip-let from the other stuff. Don't ask how long I crawled around on the floor when I dropped it to only find it stuck to my shirt half an hour later when I was doing something else. (Insert eye roll here.) 
The candle base is from the Frightful Things set, but I wanted more dimension. In came the Regions Beyond set to the rescue. (And I might just use it to add to those chandelier candles yet.) I worked out fitting well with the added curve of the candle.  I doubled up the foam tape so bring it out farther than Drac. 
I don't know where the web stamp is from. Stamped with embossing ink and embossed in white. Added some little black gems for spiders.
I tried doing shadow ghosts, but they got lost in the background too much. Thus I ended up adding in the die cuts.  Finished it off with inking the edges one last time and sanding the over hanging ghosts off.  If you made it this far...thanks for reading all the way through. And happy haunt making!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Unicorn Birthday

 This was a fun fold card with lots of hand cutting and layering.  MFT Stamps and Lawn Fawn die-cut clouds.  A few Circut clouds as well were used.  Papers are from Doodle Bug.
Colored with Glitter Gel Pens and Chameleon Markers.  Gems were from Love Nicole. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

New Etsy Items...

I've been busy...not crafting for awhile.  But I have been busy with other things, I have a load of cards up on my Etsy Store if anyone is interested.  Here are some of the many...


Monday, November 7, 2016

Remembrance Portfolio

So many words to say on this one...lets see if I can do this story any type of justice.
So I have had the privilege of knowing this wonderfully awe inspiring author, Barbara Blue Johnson, for almost 2 years now. She's a wee bit funny and all kinds of wonderful. She also has a very Jesus filled heart and has taught so many of us the power of that heart. (They are her stories to tell... I'll include them because I can't get the link to work.)
Back in August she was asked to photograph a birth of an old classmate's grandchild, for he wasn't supposed to make it. Barbara asked us all to pray for this family and this baby and well how could you not. And when the miraculous happened...we all cried with joy for them. Needless to say please read the link. It's words written with God's own hand...even if you aren't a believer...go's well worth it. Have tissues handy...I've read it a hundred times and it still makes me cry. Every. Time.
So a few days after Barbara posted all the pictures she took, this idea took hold and it wouldn't let go. This is the end result of that idea and I hope it does all her beautiful pictures and words justice.
Maybe it's a work of faith, hope, or love. But it's definitely a work of rememberance...Cinch Bradley Garrett shares the birth date of my first due date...a date that will always hold a place in my heart because we never got to hold ours, just love them in our hearts. So for all those we lost and never got to hold this ones for them all.
Rest in Peace Sweet Baby Cinch.
: a tight grip (hold)
: a thing done with ease (love)
: a certainty to happen (always)
This is a portfolio style album so it can be viewed spread out or as a book. Two it work contains both stories harmoniously but separate.

I Saw God Today
by Barbara Blue Johnson
I watched them making a birth plan and a death plan for him.
I witnessed the hospital Chaplin speak to the family about how he could perform a hospital service for their son.
I saw a young mother and father agonize over whether to deliver him via C-section or have a vaginal delivery, when both options carried grave consequences.
Would she opt for a C-section that could be easier on their unborn baby boy but cause her to lose precious moments of holding him during his first and possibly last breath?
Or would she choose a natural birth that would be extremely stressful on his already frail and premature body so she could have time with him without the pain and fogginess after a major surgery?
The doctors said that he might not survive either delivery.
And when she chose to deliver him naturally, the medical staff disconnected his heart monitor so that the room could not hear his heart go into distress or stop beating from the labor and delivery.
It was a room full of people awaiting his birth, minus the song of his heartbeat to fill the silences.
He was not to be given CPR which would have broken his ribs and caused him great agony.
He was not to be intubated to prolong his suffering.
He was to be handed over to his mother and father so they could hold him for as long as they could and I was to photograph those moments.
Then the room filled up with doctors and nurses and the mom started to shake from the fear of delivery and the impeding truth that had been told to them for the months prior to this moment in regards to their son.
She pushed four times.
I don’t know if any of us expected anything more than the sounds of weeping in the room when he was born.
But after that fourth push, he proved everyone wrong.
He cried.
And we all gasped in disbelief and in awe.
And we cheered.
And then he cried out again.
And again.
And that’s when we all knew that a game changer had just occurred.
God did that.
And I was blessed to be there and see it happen.
I saw God today, August 21, 2016 at 1:01am.

 The one side has the second part all hidden under flip flap photo holders.  This allowed the Eulogy to be included without hopefully taking away from the overall pictures of love and remembrance.  It also allowed it flow better. 

I Saw God Again by Cinch Bradley Garrett as told by Barbara Blue Johnson
When He told me some of my story, before I was sent to grow within my mother’s womb, I knew that my moments in this world would be fleeting. I knew that I wouldn’t have much time with my Mom and Dad, but I also knew that in those short and measured days, I would be embraced and showered with unrelenting love from my family.
He told me that my life-story would reach well beyond my family and their friends. My story would touch many people that my family would never get to meet.
He told me that my story would warm the hearts of various people who had allowed it to become iced over from their own pains and sufferings.
I somberly said to Him, “Thy will be done, Father God.”
From the moment my ears opened and I could hear their voices coming from outside of my mother’s belly, I knew and felt their love for me. When my parents learned of my fate from the doctors, I heard my Mom’s heart break right above me. I so badly wanted to piece back together the parts of her heart that were cracking open. I cried out to Him to heal her heart, as it was the sound of her heartbeat that soothed me when I became scared of the fate that faced me. Her heart sounded different after I heard it break apart and I no longer wanted to leave her. I cried out to Him again, asking Him to change His will for me. I wanted to see her face. I wanted her to hold me close and kiss my face.
I wanted more time with her and my earthly Dad.
And then my heavenly Father said to me, “Yes my child, I will give you more time with your family as I have heard their cries and prayers for you. I am giving you time to see them with your eyes. Time for you to be embraced by them. Time for you to hear their stories and songs for you. Time for you to grab onto their fingers and hearts. But it won’t be enough time. It is never enough time when you have to leave the people you love most in the world. Their hearts will break beyond your understanding but know that I will catch every tear, that I will comfort them with My love and promise, that I will never leave them nor forsake them as it is written. I will heal their hearts and it will be well with their souls.”
And just as He promised me, I was given time.
He gave me eight days of feeling their love for me.
And on the eighth day, my heavenly Father called to me and said, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Your fight to remain here is now over. Come back to Me where there is no more pain and no more sadness. I will keep you forever warm within My arms and the angels will sing to you My lullabies. You will see your family again, My child, because through My Son, there are no goodbyes. I’ve given the world “I’ll see you laters” with My gift of Jesus."
And then I woke up to the sounds of heaven along with the warm and all-consuming love of my heavenly Father surrounding me and I knew right then that everything would be alright.
My parents named me Cinch Bradley Garrett.
My name means “a firm hold or a tight grip,” just as my Almighty God is holding them right now.
On August 29, 2016, 198 hours after I was born, I saw God again.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thinking out of the box (Not a Card Challenge for CCC)

Hello Peeps!  It's been forever since I have posted.  I've been crafty, but just haven't been blogging. 
I think it's time to let you know that I am stepping down from Crafty Creations as both owner and design at the end of the year.  It's been a great run, but I'm wore out and in need of following a new dream/ path.  I have already handed over ownership to the wonderfully talented and well organized Barbara Bruder.  I wish her much success!  

So this week I'm back as more just a DT member and sharing my project with you.
I will continue to craft, but look more toward my Facebook Page for new projects.  I will try to share as time permits on here as well.

(the link to my Etsy shop is here as well)

This week we are sponsored by the fabulous Craft Classes Online.

I created a gift box for the Not A Card Challenge...

This was so fun and actually rather easy to make.
5 drink coasters, a handful of paper cut to size, a hole punch, adhesive, ribbon, a quote stamp, come die cuts and gems to spice it up.
The box took me about an hour to assemble and fill.

We used it for the youngest's open house teacher gift.
Papers, ribbons, gems, and stamps are CTMH.
Die cuts are Spellbinders. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

My kitchen up date...

I've been done about a month.  I still love it and am still adding to the decor/ finished product, but here is the just of it all...
This was the original from 10 years ago...lots of wallpaper and smoke/water damage.  We removed the overhead cabinets over the peninsula and refreshed everything the best we could at the time, but we were overwhelmed with the rest of the house we really did the bare minimum to the kitchen as the stove top was in need of replacing at a whopping $3600 to use the existing counter tops or go smaller and replace for about the same if we went laminate.  We just made it work for the last 10 years. 

 This is one of many of the renovation process...yes it started as a oh lets paint the inside of the cabinets and went to the whole lets ripe stuff out and restain what is here.

 This is the undecorated version...The EAT sign has some other friends and they all hang out above the corner cabinets...but this was the last picture I took of it clean...hahahaha.

I updated the painted backsplash/ copper (behind the stovetop) with a more modern tile like smart tiles.  They were semi easy to work with and cost wise cheaper than real tile as not grout and less labor intensive.  I did the whole thing in an afternoon.  John being the all around fix it that I need him to be updated the stained outlet plugs for me.  Cheap labor is the best.
 Yes I love my Waterlox counter tops. John cut the sink/ stove top and lengths for me as well as securing them to the bases.  I did the sanding and coats of Waterlox.  They have dulled some, as they are almost all the way cured, but I love the fact that water can sit on them and no water stains.  They do have a few scrapes and scratches, but I expected that from the get go.  I would totally do butcher block tops again.
 We cut off the raised bar and made it all one height.  It makes for a more open kitchen and the extra usable space is amazing!  We replaced the old stove top, the dishwasher, sink and faucet, counter tops and added the hood fan.  All for well under what the replacement stove top for the 46" would have been.
We painted all of the shelving and insides white.  John added a few shelves in the lower corner cabinets as we took out the lazy susan 10 years ago and were just using plastic shelving.

I added some pull out baskets to be able to see the stuff in the deep pantry and for plastic container storage. 

And to help get the "stuff" off my counter tops I redid this island my aunt had into a side board/ bar.  It's my wake up and evening drink stop all in one.  Coffee pods and bar supplies are in the pull out drawer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mermaid tales...

So I got around to getting the challenge done for today's challenge over at Crafty Creations Challenge Blog .  The challenge is use a number on your project.  I used a numbered background paper.  This week's sponsor is Cute As A Button....oh what lovely images we had to work with this week.

Papers are a mix of different companies, Die cuts are Circut's Splish Splash Cartridge. Gems, Bling, and babbles are all CTMH.  Image is Cute as A Button's Mermaid Sophia.  Colored with assorted gel pens, copics, and inks.
 Here is a close up to show her shimmer better.  As always it's better in real life.

The multipul layering of cut outs.  I need to play with this stuff easy, if not time consuming. 

Inside says...Friends...are like seashells.  We pick them up along the way.

Peace out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

B&W Pop

Just a fun simple card set for Crafty Creations this week.
I'm sponsoring, so swing by for a chance at a fun prize.
This week is Black and White with a pop of color!

The feather was stamped with versamark ink and then sprinkled with various embossing powders.  Heat embossed and then fussy cut.  It is adhered with foam tape so it pops off the card a bit.

 Sentiment is also heat embossed white and then I copic markered the "you" and "adjust". Sentiment from Dylusions from Ranger.
 Papers are all CTMH.
String is American Crafts. White paper is dry embossed with Provo Craft folder.
Have a great week!