Ohuhu Color Combos

I have compiled a list of all Ohuhu Honolulu 320 set colors with numbers, matched to the Ohuhu Oahu 320  set colors with numbers.  There are colors that are specific to each set, so there are over 400 total color names. I have added in the old Oahu 200 Fine Set that matched to the current 320 set.  It is done in color groups and names listed alphabetically. (Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Earth Tones, Greys) Colors that cross over because of set differences are marked as duplicate in the Note section. Any abnormalities between them are also noted or colors that I know are a good match if they did not have one.  I did it in a PDF formatted file, up for purchase on my Etsy shop and can be purchased on this link- Honolulu to Oahu Conversion PDF Printable .  I always share all of my found blends color swatches on this page free of charge.  Feel free to visit often as I add new ones as I create new color maps for my artwork.    

Area of Note: Those grey tones... The names across the two newer sets as well as the old Ohuhu 200 Oahu Fine don't match even if most of the colors do.  To help make it easier depending on the markers you have in the new sets I included the markers in the Honolulu name with conversions, then the Oahu name with conversions. So those are going to look a bit different in the PDF and look like twice as many as there really are. I hope it is more user friendly to look at the title for marker style and then find the conversion that way.  

Note: I have added my full color charts to the listing, so if you purchased it pre January 16, 2024 you should be able to go back to Etsy and redownload those updated files (I found a few more matches) and 2 new charts.

 My original list  from 2022 is still up on Esty as well, but only has the newest set (2022) of 320 fine nib markers for the  time being. My 320 Set Conversions to the old 200 Set in PDF form on Etsy I will not renew that listing if it expires out.  I tried to include the numbers for the old 200 set if I could name match on that list. I also have the 72 old style brush and the pastel brush/fine combo on the older list. I don't know how the numbering has changed on those.  Always make sure that your combo is a good match as sometimes I could be wrong as I don't double check old sets matchy matching and rely on my hand created list.  (It it still my biggest gripe with Ohuhus... like make them all the same number system and just add a letter to the back to differentiate the tip style. But whatever.  I'll add my combo photos as I get time, but if I do a color map for a card they are always posted with the card. 

My take aways... the Oahu has more grey tones and brown tones, the Honolulu has more colors.  If I could only get one set I would go for the Honolulu B set as it has both brush and fine nibs. I don't know what the add on skin tones or grey set for the Honolulu include that isn't in the original 320. I know the Oahu skin tone set are all in the Oahu 320 set. I will link my YouTube related video as to a few of the quirky details when I get it recorded and up.  The PDF Ohuhu Video , Swatching and Color BlendingFull Color Marker Page and Coloring an Image 

Ohuhu Oahu 320 Set (Fine & Chisel)

Ohuhu 320 Honolulu B Set (Brush & Fine)

For more color combos please check out what Jessica Squirrel has so graciously posted onto her blog, HERE, I will work on adding to them with conversions as I find the time and post them here. 

This one is in Honolulu, Oahu 320, Old Oahu 200, substitutions are added where needed with best match.

From here on out I will try to use Capital Letter for Honolulu Marker, small case letter for Oahu. When I have time/room if there's a match I will add it. If I have a best replacement option it will be (inside here).
So YR2/y792 are the same just different lines of Ohuhu.
g487 (G080) not necessarily the same, but a close match or one to try if looking for a similar blend.  

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