Ohuhu Color Combos

 Keep in mind these are the newest set (2022) of 320 fine nib markers.  I will try to include the numbers for the old 200? set if I have time or the coordinating markers. I also have the 72 old style brush and the pastel brush/fine combo. I don't know how the numbering has changed on those.  If anyone wants to send me the newest set of 320 brush/fine...I can always add those to my combo numbers 😜😂.  I have found that most of the colors match by name across the sets and have compiled my list as such. Always make sure that your combo is a good match as sometimes I could be wrong as I don't double check old sets matchy matching and rely on my hand created list.  (It it still my biggest gripe with Ohuhus... like make them all the same number system and just add a letter to the back to differentiate the tip style. But whatever.  I'll add my combo photos as I get time, but if I do a color map for a card they are always posted with the card.  

My 320 Set Conversions to the old 200 Set in PDF form on Etsy

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