Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well I should have some beautiful Babes posted in their prom attire, but I am to lazy to get them up loaded so maybe tomorrow. Kris and Kim had prom on Saturday night, and I did both of their hair. Kim's was so short it was hard to get them how I wanted but they turned out cute. Kris on the other hand has more hair on her head then 3 normal people put together! J/K Krissy. I do like how hers turned out even if I had no clue where I was going when I started. Both beautiful all dolled up, goes to show what a shower and some pretty clothes will do for ya! HEHE

My daddy finally emailed me for Iraq. It was good to hear that he was doing alright. Wish it was time for him to come home already. Anyway his second day in Iraq and he got to witness his first sand storm. 150 ft. visiblity by noon. He will be instructing and teaching how to fix the MRAPs. I don't know who he is teaching, I would guess some of the soliders. We pray for everyone over there to make it home SAFE and SOUND!

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