Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here is my card for Gerriann's Round of the Puzzler. I inked the embossed number piece and then applied glue to the embossed #'s and flocked it (add fuzzy feeling stuff) The rest is self explanitary-- the arrow is popped up.

Well I don't think I have been home all week. Monday was speech, Tuesday was St.Cloud for Kris's prom dress, Wednesday I was at the farm till noon, and Today was Jason's speech again. I so look forward to Fridays when I don't have to drag the boys somewhere, we just get to chill for 6-7 hours between milking at home. I think we will work in the woods again tomorrow like we did for a while today.

So I found my new favorite resturaunt. . . MONGO'S GRILL in St. Cloud. Kris, Jake and I ate there on Tuesday after we found her $6.52 prom dress. So we're clearance hounds, but it is just gorgous on her. Anyway, they have a buffet where you make your own stir-fry thing. You fill your bowl with any veggies, meats, sauces, and such then they grill it on this 7 foot wide round grill in front of you. It was so healthy and so YUMMY.


Anonymous said...

lol.. so you finally tried mongo's grill.. i've been there twice it is pretty good, cause i get to pick what i'm eating. i think i told mom once that you and her would love it cause you loved making stir fry at home and i always hated. haha

Unknown said...

I got your card back on Saturday! Love it and it is similar to mine however pretty different too! I will post them all when I get a few more! I will be sending you a goodie in the mail for getting yours back to me first!