Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Happ'ns

Well here are the pics I promised the boys with Kimmy and Krissy and her Brian. Bud took pics with Kris too, but not Brian so after they left he was like "mom I want picture with Brian TOO." Little to late kiddo.

I got my foot stepped on by a cow tonight. Ouch! Thank God for steel toes, so it only got the upper part of my foot. It only hurts when I move it. HEHE, no it really isn't that bad, not black and blue or too swollen, yet. Oh well the joys of the farm.

Bud had pj day in school today. They are learning about night and day. So he was thrilled to get to wear his pj's all day (cause I couldn't pry them off when he got home either-- he is his mother's child). He got to bring his fuzzy yellow pillow and a flashlight too.

Other big news. The boys are getting their BIG Bed! Bud says I get bed like mom and dad. or Tom, or whom ever he tells. We are hoping Jake will sleep in it and not ours for a change!! Haha, watch one of us will sleep in their bed and the other one will be in our king size bed all alone-- I hope it is me. I love being a bed hog, cause I have 3 boys that tend to give we 3 inches and no blankets when they sleep in my bed. GRRRRRR.

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