Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So I've been. . .

As for the above pics that is what I have done lately. I don't have the pics for the second page of Ash's Wedding so I didn't post the page yet. The 4x5 1/5 pic is actually a mini album of pics to flip through. The card I did a while back for the puzzler swap. The last is of my dear Jake and his vers. of the "For the love of Dirt" layout.

Okay, so I have not been Blog loyal as of late. Sorry. My in laws got back from Montana this morning, so hopefully the farm won't take up as much extra (normal time I am at home or running with the boys)time. That and the state milk inspector was there this am so I am done with extra scrubbing so to say for a month or two.

It is finally getting nice out. Yeah! Wait that means that rock picking will be around the corner, oh well, it does tend to be good exercise. The boys and I are working on building a fort-- well I call it a fort, Bud calls it his house-- in the back yard for them to play in. I'll post a pic when we are done. Other than that we are doing the usual yard clean up and tree trimming, so there goes my playtime.

Speaking of Jake-- He found a can of cow paint when G.&G. Schlangen were gone and well lets say thank god for rubbing alcohol and that it comes off of steel. As for my little calves well it will just have to wear off. I did get some pics, just not of the boys hands. "Mom!, Look what Jake did to my Hand!" "What do you mean it won't come off, John! We have church tonight." Luckily the rubbing alcohol did the trick. They also feed the calves once or twice. The calves liked the milk replacer- so does Jake straight out of the bag-- but not so much for the mud that was mixed in it. Jason had a pet worm that he called wormy for 2 days and then he let him go last night.

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Anonymous said...

Haha.. you never told me the boys did that! lol silly kiddos! but ill see ya tomorrow