Friday, April 11, 2008

Snow showers will bring May flowers????

So we got a little snow AGAIN! 6-7 inches last night with more on the way. We had a nice snowball fight this morning, I was the recipient of a snow wash, and my attacker was the recipient of a few nicely placed snowballs in the face. I think I got the better of him.
My daddy is leaving for Iraq
:( on Sunday. I am so bummed that I won't get to see him off like the rest. I worry already for his safe return home. It is hard to realize that he won't be a 20+ hour drive away, more like a flight from the other side of the world and not like he can drop everything if something happens. We all hope and pray for his safety while working on the MRAP. Thank you for serving our country dad! We are PROUD of you.
My little scratchy the other day. . .
decided he needed to shave his whiskers. Yup just like dad, shave cream and razor. I caught him just when he started, so he only got one razor cut on his chin. Silly little boy.

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