Friday, August 19, 2022

Ohuhu's Back to School Sale Alert!

Up to 40% off! Express yourself colorfully with Ohuhu Back to School Bundles. I snagged a new 320 Bullet Nib Alcohol Marker Set for Under $140! My new colors will be here soon and look for updated color charts to cordinate with the new number system and when avalible the old number counter parts. I needed to get a full set to move my 200 set to my class teaching and travel set. If you love a brush set I would tell you to get the smaller set with brush/bullet tip combo, but for my use purposes I wanted the full range and I just use my Copic or smaller Brush set of Ohuhus where needed. Note: not all sets are discounted, because if the brush/bullet ones were on sale I totally would have gotten the largest of those.

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