Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Platform Swish N Pop Ducky- Lawn Fawn's Platform Pop-Up with the Swish N Pop Pull Tab Inside

What can I say, this was the easier version of what I ultimately want to do with this idea.  I've never actually made a swish-n-pop card. I had to wait 2 weeks to go to town and pick up the die set to even try it.  But can I say, OH MY SWEET BABY DUCK, it's freaking awesome!  I was so excided that it actually worked all the way put together and that I didn't have to settle for less than I imagined.  

Please keep in mind this was the process from beginning to end and I don't do dry runs.  I just jump in feet first and ask questions later.  I did have to regroup a few times and I almost gave up and was just going to make it regular and do the Swish-n-Pop with the same design on a flat card...because the idea overall was adorable and would transfer well into a regular card without all the extra headaches. I truthfully didn't think it would work by the time I had put the added flap on for stability.  But perseverance pays off sometimes. 

I was hand delivering this one, so I wasn't overly concerned with the need to finish assembly once opened. Hence why I kept going. As I was getting ready to take stills, I pushed it flat to see if the tab would stick out if it was in the start position.  It did so I didn't have to worry about it slipping inside and getting stuck.
So then I tried popping the platform up while holding it closed on the right side and it worked.  I probably fist pumped at this point.  I did a few more checks and it looked to work so I secured the little flap peace I had resigned to do after they opened it.  
I did sneak in a small piece of Big Mama Foam tape on the top and a smidge of glue to help secure it all together.  Now that I've actually figured out it can be done I can hopefully streamline the process in the next one.

Here are a couple more close up stills if you needed more up close images.  Note that this was in the second slot from the edge with the pull tab hanging out. I'm not sure if any of the other will work the same way, but you are welcome to find out for yourselves.

Products Used:

Lawn Fawn Platform Pop-Up and Add-on

LF Swish-N-Pop Dies

LF Rub-A-Dub-Dub

LF Scripty Bubbles

CTMH Baby (D1022)

LF Bubble Border Dies

Pattern Paper CTMH Urban Collection

Pearlescent Vellum LF

Iridescent 105lb Gin Fizz or Crystal Metallic Cover 

Transparency Acetate

LF Jet Black Ink on Xpress-It Cardstock

Ohuhu Markers- 

  • Bubbles R080,Y030,MG020,V230 
  • Teals- 61,58,57, 
  • Yellow- 33,44,35 
  • Orange- 24,25 
  • Greys- CG0,CG1,CG2 
  • Momma Duck E210
  • Purple-173

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