Thursday, March 24, 2022

Someone Will Love It, Even If We Think Its Meh

This was just supposed to be a set of easy watercolor cards. Well, as in life not everything is easy and very seldom does it go as planned.  Sometimes we just need to learn to roll with it.  I had not planned on using this set as I'd intentionally bought it for, I'd planned on using it as it was intended-  making beautiful, spiritual Easter cards. 
Which I did, by the way. 2 of them...well 3 really. I'm still not sure I adore that one. And then that last one I absolutely love how elegant it is and I'm glad I bought this set for that purpose. 

You know how sometimes things just don't go as planned and then later it was maybe a good thing.  This was one of those times.  I don't think I'd have gotten through making the final card as easily as I did.  I was fighting some serious I just don't wanna create anything vibes.  It happens sometimes, often times when I get one of those seriously awesome ideas to work out as well as it did.  I mean I have a thousand other ideas, but meh just not feeling like putting in the effort.  I've been fighting headaches and sinus/allergy stuff all week. I'm not on the top of my game.  Somewhere more towards the bench. 

So me being me I was A) not going to be discouraged by a little outside of the lines painting. (Even if it was intentional, and I hated the look.) B)Quit- (I will sink with this ship if it kills me, or in this case takes up way more time and energy than it was probably worth.) C) Someone will love it...once it leaves my hands I don't have to dwell on it anymore.  
It's really not that bad. I just wasn't feeling it.  And I think it's important to remember that what's in our opinion as a meh card will probably be loved by whomever gets it with all the love you should have had for it because it's a work of art.  Hear me out...when was the last time you received a handmade or store bought card and thought wow that sucks.    
I've loved every card anyone has ever sent me because well they took the time to think of me.  It could have been a sticker on a piece of paper with an I love you written on it.  I mean I have a freaking lined note card with as much saved to my inspiration board above my desk.  Because my son took the time to write a little note and stick a sticker on it when he was 8 or so and well I will love it forever.  So I let those little meh ones slip though and remember I might have learned a bit in the process and you should love the process if nothing else and let go over thinking all the time.
So this final card was my last one.  Maybe that one before took so long to get in my mind send-able for a reason.  We lost a dear friend that day and as I sat in disbelief of the news that evening, I knew I had to get a card out to her family the next day.  I knew she would have loved this one, simple beauty. So I made this one the next day as an ode to her.  May she rest in eternal peace. 

Send those cards out that you think aren't top notch, because life is short and not always perfect.

Supplies used for all 4 cards:
Colorado Craft Company's Rose Cross Stamp set
Distress Re inkers in: Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain, Worn lipstick, Mustard Seed, Prize Ribbon, Forest Moss
Ink:VersaFine Onyx Black, CTMH Sunny Yellow, Smoothie, Sunset
CTMH cardstock in Sunny Yellow and Smoothie, 80lb. Neenah Classic Crest
Glitter Art Glue and Score Tape
Foam adhesive misc.
Pearl Acrylic paint
Sympathy Sentiment from Brutus Monroe's Homegrown Happiness
Cave Crystals -Trinity Stamps
Ocean Waves Mix- Sparkletz

Keep Getting Inky,

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