Thursday, August 20, 2015

Image Transfer for CCC

Sorry I'm late lovelies.  It's been a busy week. But I did manage to get the challenge up and running on CCC yesterday.  So I will quick post on here...

The challenge this week is Back to in you go back to school and learn a new technique or try something you have never done before.

I did the image transfer to canvas.  Then I drew on top of it.  The image is printed using a laser printer and then you use a medium to canvas and lay the image on face down.  (note to make sure you flip the image before you print it or words will be backwards.) Make sure it has time to dry (over night or 6 hours).  Then you wet down the paper and peel and gently scrub off the paper and the image will stay.  I didn't use enough medium or I let it air dry too long before i got my image on it, but I liked the end result.  If I were to do a family photo or something I will have to be quicker.  So it was good to practice with it first.  There are some amazing YouTube videos to actually show you what to do.

 I colored the lady using copics and a bit of white paint.  Love the overall look of this one.

Happy Playing!

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