Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yes we have expanded the farm to now include 8 laying hens to go with our 15 outside cats (Well maybe more, but I have not actually see the kittens yet, just know they are there somewhere.) Jason has been stuck on this Chicken thing for over a month now, so when auntie Cindy found some for $4 a hen and only 2-3 miles from us, we decided to give it a go. Well the boys love the chicken and we even found an egg this morning. The rest of the hens should start laying soon, but we don't know exactly when. I called Dad to tell him and he gave me some tips and pointers. So last night we hung a light on a timer, Grandma Jo gave us a water feeder and grain trough for them, and we tried making a nest in a 5 gal pail, but they took all the straw out and layed on that instead. Oh well, here is to new adventures. Oh the things we do for our children.

Here are the boys on Sunday in their Easter clothes. We had a lovely time with family and I am still trying to catch up on my loss of sleep from cleaning, cooking, and entertaining. The boys had such a long day too (up at 5:30 to find baskets and a handful of eggs before going to the farm). Jake snuck in a half hour snoozer when we went to get G-ma Pat, but otherwise they were up till 9:30 that night, I couldn't believe it.


Donna said...

Don't the boys look adorable! Wow you have chickens, I would love chickens. It will be so nice collecting fresh eggs everyday. I took the children to a fun farm yesterday, my son Kalen (4) is convinced we are getting a farm next year and of course he is getting a pony too AND on top of all that the pony is going to wearing a spiderman suit!! What do you think of that? lol. Donna x

Kayla Dingers said...

You didn't have chickens when I was over on Saturday~!! girl, you move too fast!! haha. but the boys will love it!