Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday already

Well it has been a busy week. Jason had an ear infection, so the added dr. appt. consumed most of my day yesterday. John kept Jake on Wednesday morning so I could clean the house. What fun, can't even tell anymore. I was lucky enought to get to "clean" the parlor today. Clean- foam blast with soap, pressure wash it all down, foam blast with acid, scrub the walls, then pressure wash it all down again. By the end I felt like a dirt pile of soap, acid, and cow poop. So I washed my car and got the boys to go home and then I could take a shower. Ahhh! John's mom feed me and the boys before we left so I just had to take a nap with them once I was clean. Don't worry it wasn't a long one. I planned on getting some stuff done, but Jason decided I needed to cuddle with him instead. I had a migraine so I didn't mind. But now I am back off to the farm I guess. Hopefully some scrape time tomorrow.

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