Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Snow??

So we got a whopping 6 inches of snow yesterday. Mother natures little April fools joke I think. The boys loved playing it and I enjoyed a very snowball fights with them and John. I figured at least it wasn't rain cause then I would have been cleaning Mud out of their ears again.
On Friday evening, they got stuck in the mud. I only found out how bad this weekend. (as John's dad cleaned them up and I didn't actually get to see all the mud) I guess they found the deepest muddiest puddle they could find then got stuck in the middle of it. Jake was up to his knees in mud and Jason was crawling out. John said all he could see was Bud crawling on his hands and knees and then a boot went flying out of the puddle. Yup you guessed it he came in the barn with 1 on and one off. They had to go in to get Jake. Well thank God for washing machines in the barn, water hoses, and a mom too busy milking cows to get mad. I just shook my head and rolled my eyes. Well 4 days later and their boot are finally dry. Silly little boys.

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