Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday already. . .

Well we did get snow, but it is almost all melty now. Althought Jason did enjoy a very trips around the yard on his snowmobile, getting off to nail his father with a snowball or 3 everytime around. He even tricked him into helping get it unstuck so he could throw a bunch at him. Don't worry John got him back. Not much else going on. Waiting for easter and Tom & Pika's visit. Have to get started on the pinita for Sunday sometime today. We already had to clean Tom&Pika's room just in case they get here early (that was what bud said) we got done cleaning it and Jason was looking out the window waiting already. Silly little boy! Jake is up to his usual antics and uncleans as fast as I can clean-- why do I even bother most days. Sheesh! Hope you all have a wonderful Easter if I don't get back here before than.

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