Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'mmmmm BACK!!!

So it has been over a week, sorry. Easter was good. The boys and I made a pinta and filled it, so we broke that on John's side with the kids. The boys only finished finding their eggs on Monday from the EB. Tom and Pika (my bro and his wife) came up on Monday night and left this morning. We love see them and visiting with them. I love the little break from doing everything for the boys that Pika gives me. THANK YOU!!! My little sanity break. The boys can't wait to see them again. Yesterday we went geocaching and found 3 of 4. The picture above is of Tom and the boys at our first find. bud loves treasure hunting! Well no time for playing this last week, but my little sis is coming over on Saturday so we can scrap. So I'll have more for ya soon!!

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