Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Surfing Santa Greetings

I wish I could go with Santa on vacation...I guess only in my card making and dreams.  It's okay to scratch an idea or part of a card if you're just not feeling it.  I like the lighter, airy sky on this finished card much better than my first planned one.

Red-R586/12, R588/13, R393/16

Yellow- Y696/44, Y494/37.Y397/45

Green- G345/43, G472/46, G483/47, G289/48

Aqua- G190/180, G786

Blue- B463/69, B563, B383,B190/pb250

Tan- E280/104, E187/132, E182/126 (Santa Skin Tones) (E50s in Copics)

Brown- E342/92, E460,-- E557/102, E475/139, E288/141

Pinky/ Peachy (optional Skin tones)- E194/27, E494/26 

Products Used:

LF Beachy Christmas

EP Summertime Paper Pack

Ohuhu markers on Xpress It Cardstock

Nuvo Glitter Drop

Buttons Galore and More- Sea Mix

Keep Getting Inky,


Ohuhu 320 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Art Markers, Fine & Chisel

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