Saturday, May 14, 2022

Lawn Fawn's Platform Pop-Up w/ A Slider! So Fun! W/ LF Coaster Critters Stamp Set and Slider Add-on

What can I say this one is too fun to play with, I don't think I'll get anything else done for a while. LOL.  Truthfully one of the easiest sliders I've done!  Super easy to add on to the Platform and I am sure to do this one again.  

I'm going to keep this brief and if I get a chance to come back I'll try to add the products I used and such.  We currently have no power and are limping along with a generator.  Minnesota got hit with some bad thunderstorms the last two days (May 11 and 12), last night's being the worst straight line winds, more rain, and lots of damage.  We are all okay, our animals are all fine, we can't say the same for a close friend's herd.  I'm exhausted, I'm sure my husband is twice as much.  He and the boys helped out our friend and then still had to make sure our barns were all good last night. We will be working on clean up for a bit and then trying to get in the fields.  It's been a rough spring farm-wise and mother nature is not letting up.  So if my voice over sucks I'm sorry...but only because I'm sure I could have made it worse and I missed my opportunity to throw all caution to the wind.  Edit:  We have power again! Those linemen have all my gratitude and lots of prayers for their safety.  

We've got this.  It's life and as long as we are still kicking we'll be just fine.  

Stay safe, stay positive, and stay crafty!




Lawn Fawn - Lawn Cuts - Dies - Platform Pop-Up
from: Scrapbook.comLawn Fawn - Clear Photopolymer Stamps - Coaster CrittersLawn Fawn - Lawn Cuts - Dies - Coaster Critters

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