Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hidden Gift Card Barn in the Platform Pop-Up from Lawn Fawn


This is the second one I've done with the gift card tucked into the middle.  The first was just hidden behind a coffee cup.  I was working on a different Platform Pop-up with a barn and was like wait this looks like it's the right width and height for a gift card.  Of course I abandoned ship because shiny squirrel and started die-cutting for this one.  Don't worry I did go back and finish the other one...but only after this one was done.  

It didn't go as planned, but it got there in the end and I think it's adorable.

I can only begin to imagine the possibilities with this...  the castle, house, pumpkin, acorn, and all the other build a house dies from Lawn Fawn. GAH! I need more time to play!

  Products used...

Lawn Fawn's Platform Pop-Up and Add-on

LF Build a barn

LF Berry Special

LF Stitched Gift Card Pocket

CTMH papers in Pear and Gingham from Jubilee Paper pack and older    wooden pattern 

Woodgrain cardstock

Score tape and Glitter Art Glue

Ohuhu bullet nib markers on Xpress it cardstock

Red- 15,11,14,16,27



Brown- 98,92,102

Blue- 71,74


Grey- WG1, WG2, WG4

Blue Grey- MG020

Brush nibs in BR2, E220 or E210, BR1? (this was for the second sign...I only used 2 but I had all 4 out and don't recall the specific combo I used.)

Keep Getting Inky,


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