Monday, February 28, 2022

30+ Card Ideas to Inspire

 Do you too suffer from craft attention distraction disorder? LOL, I often start a project and my brain spits out something else that would be cool to try so I follow that rabbit and don't have time to finish that first train of card.  It happens more often than I'd like to admit. My mind moves faster than I can create which is both great and frustrating.  But I also get in creative slumps and abandon a project because I'm just not feeling it.  Lastly, I just plain run out of time before the intended project was needed. **cough**cough**Christmas** With the extra time on my "hand" I decided it was time to finish some of those up. Getting card bases done and layouts set, just committing to getting it finished even if I didn't love it. I can always gift the cards I am not over the top in love with, card sets always make a great gift, or donate them. So here is the last two weeks of just trying to clear off the craft desk and overflowing project bins. I made a slight ding to the lost in the valley of distraction pile.

I hope you can find something in these 30+ cards to inspire you to create!

Keep Getting Inky,


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