Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mr.Wolf's 4th Graders Valentine's Project

I'm back with this year's 4th grade class project tutorial...
Possible variations of the finished project.

We are going to start with all of this to get the above end results.

To start we are going to take the big piece of paper (8x10) and fold it as follows...

Then we need to open it up.
 Finding the shorter fold we need to cut to the center of the paper. Not over, not under, but to the center. 
 It's going to be important to remember where your cut is.  You want your cut to be on your right side.  If it's not it will change the way your card pocket sits.  But most importantly we want to fold the first upper right corner to the center line, not over.
 Then the opposite corner (lower left) we are going to fold up and parallel to the center line, but not to it. leaving 1/2" to 1' from the line.
 Then flip the whole sheet over, but  keep your bottom on the bottom. So your shorter fold is still to your belly. Then we are going to fold over the lower left again to meet the right lower side and match the fold.  See below...
 We then need to turn it back over to the front side again. So your bottom two corners should be folded up and your right top is folded down and your cut should be on the right side. See above.
 We take the bottom half and fold it back up (you use the original fold line) and then fold right side over as well.  It should leave you with the upper right corner still over there all lonely looking for a place go.  We need to flip our flaps over to the darkside.  (okay really we are just flipping them to the back.)
 We will now fold that piece over to the other layers to get the above look.  Now we are going to go back and glue (or tape runner) the layers together on the bottom.  We just want to get the bottom or your card won't hold anything as you will glue the pockets shut. We will get to stapling so it stays closed after the next step.
 We're going to take that long plain piece of paper and wrap it around the card.  We glue the start of the strip, but not the whole thing.  Just enough so it sticks to the front and we then wrap it around covering that top flap and hiding the two fold ends.
 As we make it back to the front, we can line it up and fold it over.  We need to either cut or tear the strip so it has about 1/2" to 1" overlap.  Save that little piece we will use it as a pull tab.
Now we are going to staple strip right by the edge.  Don't go in too far or your pull out cards won't fit.
We will come back to the card but set them off to the side for right now.
 Now we are going to take the bigger matching piece and the white and glue it together and add a tab.  The tab is that saved piece folded in half and you slip the ends over each side of the bigger pieces. Just staple that in place. 
We are going to stamp on that piece later, but tuck it in your card's back pocket for now.

We are making a tic tac toe board and need a little bag to hold those game pieces.
There is a stencil on your tables and an ink pad.  Go ahead and take turns adding some hearts to the front of the bag.  If you don't want your hearts upside down pay attention to which side is open on your bag. 
 Tuck that empty bag in the middle pocket of your card.

Now going back to your big card, decorate the front. using the strips with words or designs, the stickers and the foam hearts dress up the front. (You can hide that staple now if you want.)

While some of you do the finishing touches on that, some of you can come up and stamp your tic tac toe board, stamp your tickets, and stamp the pull out card with Happy Valentine's Day!  Remember to get your heart tape for the tic tac toe pull out and your hearts for the game board.

 Put it all together. With the Pull out Card in the back, the envelope and the game board in the middle, and the tickets in the front.  Make sure to address it to and from on the pull out. 
And then you can tuck it in the big envelope after the special treat is added.

 Hope you had fun!

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