Friday, April 3, 2015

A Candy Basket- No Fooling...

So I am back again...
This is orginally what inspired the basket I showed you yesterday, but I didn't actually do these until after the other one.  I had to run to the store to pick everything up after I went to school.

 Someone posted this to facebook and I thought it was a cute idea...I love getting our GodDaughters Easter Baskets, but hate buying the basket every year.  (I mean how many baskets does one need?)

4 movie box candies
(make sure that they are similar in height and they need to match length wise in pairs. My Mike&Ikes matched and my Starburst & Skittles matched.
1 taffy rope or the like.
1 piece of cardboard cut to size for the bottom.
Ribbon for around the outside optional.

Fillings of your desire  
I used Sookwang tape again for these, you could use glue or hot glue.  Just remember you are gonna want it to hold together.  I don't know if I would carry it by my handle...but I will know better after a day or so.  I just don't think the handle with hold the weight and feel it is more for looks than anything. 

These were simple.  I put 2 together in under 40 minutes.  You can stagger the boxes or you can do them straight up like I did above.  Staggering them with make for a squarer basket--Note yesterday's basket was staggered.  

Hope to see your creations at CCC this week!

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