Friday, December 12, 2014

Mrs.Liekvoll's 3rd Grade Card Project

What we are making today or a slight variation...

Here is what we are starting with.   You should all have the top 4 pieces with the card and a ticket.

The ticket can be any of the ones in the oval and you have picked one of the images to color.

To start we are going to center the big red piece in the middle of your card front.  Fold should be on the left.
At this point make sure that your card opens properly before you glue on the green banner.
The next piece can be one of the two papers below. 
Glue this one on next to ,but not touching, the green banner.
The last small strip goes over the green banner and the other strip of paper.  Hiding the open space between the two.
Now color your image with colored pencils.
Once your image is colored you want to glue it on the top of your card like this.  Placing it in the center of your three strips of paper.
Now is for your choice of ticket placement.  Decide where you want it before you add glue.

When you are this far come and pick out your gems and we can stamp the message inside.

Here are a few options for gem placement, you can place them where you want.

Now flip your card over and write your first name and first letter of your last name on the back.
All done, easy peasy!

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