Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back from our Trip

Our trip to Charlotte, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC
We have a blast visiting our new niece/ cousin and my sister Kelsey.
 The ocean was cold, but we are tough Minnesotans.  That and after you were in it for a bit, you got numb anyway!
 Jake's clown face sundae.
 The family on the beach.
 The boys and Miss Spencer on Easter.
 My sandcastle with some help from my little moat builders.
 We went mini golfing 3 times,  no I did not improve once!
 We made a trip to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.  The boys had a great time.
 Me and Bud up early for the sunrise over the ocean.

We had a fun trip and the weather was warmer than here, so all good.  Was hard to come back to 27* temps though when it was almost 70* when we left.

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Jacquel said...

Hi Jaime!
Glad you had a nice trip & thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!

I was the winner on the Easter challenge @ CCC & I've sent you a couple of emails. Just wondering if you received them. Thanks so much!!!