Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whiff of Joy Sponsoring CCC this week!

Sorry no project yet for ya.  But I figured I would let you know that Whiff of Joy is offering the prize this week.  It is from their new Valentine line of Stamps.  Love it!

I got back last night from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester with Jason.  We are still trying to figure out his Gastro-Intestinal issues that he has had since birth.  We were unable to get in with a doctor waiting for the last two days, but they did actually agree to see him.  So we were lucky to get an appointment in 2 weeks, normally it is booked till late March, but someone had just cancelled.  Opted not to stay the rest of the week and wait to hopefully get in and will go on our appointment.  I am not really looking forward to a 3 hour drive at 4 am again, but what I won't do for my children.

I did get 28 Henry with Hearts colored from Whiff of Joys line, so as soon as I get a Valentine made I will post it this week.  Hopefully today yet, but I brought back a dreadful cold with me last night.  Yuck!  That and I have to try unpacking all the scrapbooking stuff I brought down (well partly, as I will need it in 2 weeks anyway).  Not to mention the clothing and stuff.  Hope to get back at it after a nap and some medicine this morning.

Hugs, Jaime

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Donelda said...

glad you got an appointment! wishing you luck to find out what is going on. Yes, we mothers would do anyhting for our children!!