Sunday, August 14, 2011

AHHHHH! Time flies!

This one I did back in March when Jason was in the hospital.

Still can't believe it is the middle of August. I have actually been busy in the craft room, just not the greatest about getting them posted to here. I helped my aunt with her daughter's two scrapbooks for a grad party. But most of my time in it has been doing last minute cards for parties and birthdays. I have spent the better part of the summer doing farm work, running Jason to doctors or my self, experimenting in the kitchen, and cleaning the house (which I still don't understand how it gets so messy, when we are only in it several waking hours!) At present I am re- organizing my craft space and dreaming about my weekend off with Nana Nita to Scrapfest (really we are only doing evening crops, the rest will be shopping, eating and a few well deserved days away from the farm! Can you say sleeping IN!!) I will grace you with the pics I found on my camera that have not made it here yet.

In May we had a friend who turned 80. On the inside I printed "Does your Whistler still work? Cause that's a long time to whistle!"

Jason did finially get his follow up done with Dr.Sult (a more whole body/person MD) to figure out what is going on with his GI issues. He isn't digesting his foods down properly and has a "leaky gut". Leaky gut is where too many/ too big of things pass to your blood stream causing a whole load of system issues. He has an overgrowth of bad bacteria and lots of yeast in his gut, which is likely part of the cause. His nutrition test show lots of areas of malnutrition as well. His allergy test just confirmed it with his reactions to many many foods, some even deemed hypoallergenic. He also has a bulging disc at L5 and S1. A little young for that, but that is more than likely a lot of the lower colon's issues with not moving things along properly. So now my days involve mixing up his dietary supplements to a delicouis shake that he fights tooth and nail not to drink. John even tried it and was like can I drink that! He is just so male headed! Geez! Right now he looks like skin and bones, you can see his every bone on his torso. I think it is because he shot up a few inches again. John and I are very conserned about his lack of appetite and extreme skinny apperance. I am hoping that the next month starts to shift thing back to his favor before school starts.
For my Baby Brother's Graduation!
Sorry for the long post and happy Sunday!
Another Grad card

I finially finished Jake's page here and a few other's I started at Scrapfest last year. Below is one that I did for my cousin's book.

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