Thursday, September 9, 2010

The boys first day of school

Jason started on the 7th. He waited so patiently for the bus not to come. We ended up making Auntie Shelly hold down at Ashley's house. But he did make it to the bus and had a wonderful first day of school.

Jake started on the 8th, but he only goes for the afternoon, so none of them getting on the bus together. I suppose I could get one of them coming off together, but I would like to avoid the "moooooommm" and eye rolls while I can. Jake gets to ride just him and Roger (bus driver) 20 minutes before they pick up the only other kid that gets on in the afternoon. Poor Roger is going to have to hear about how bad those red tractors are and how much better Green ones are. That and Jake always swindles him out of a piece of gum too.

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Ashly Kay said...

We sure miss those boys! Hope they enjoyed the beginning of school! :) Miss you guys!