Monday, August 17, 2009

This and That

I held Kayla's Bachlorette at my house this weekend. Was a good time. Hope everyone else had fun. Tom and Pika came up from Chicago for the weekend. So we enjoyed our visit with them. It always go way to quickly and the boys miss them already. Pika spent so much time helping Jason get ready for school.

Papers are all CTMH, Stamp is row o kinis from Bella.

Auntie Pika and the boys on the little train ride at threshers on sunday. The engineneer was Sir Brian (Kris's other half).
Jason holding his "Shiny Trophey" from the 5 year old Pedal Tractor Pull. He took 3rd. Jake is holding his Tastey Trophey as he took 5th for the 4 year old devision. He is a bit jealous of the shiny one now that his is gone.

The boys and I left some eggs under one of the hens and we had two hatch out last weekend. They are named Butter and Brownie. Can you guess their colors? They adore them. Too cute to see them play with them and watch them grow so fast. They are starting to grow their feathers already.


Saskia said...

Hello Jaime!

Lovely photos!!! Everyone seems to had a good time!

Sweet greetings,
Saskia :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime! Very cute card, glad to hear that the party went well!! The photos of your boys are adorable. They look like they are having a great time and so proud of their trophies!!