Monday, July 20, 2009

My Baby Turned 4 today!

Boy does time fly doesn't it. Well we just got done eating his Birthday supper of Hamburgers, homemade mac and cheese, and Ice Cream Cake. He has 2 girlfriend as he only got 2 out on first blow. Hehe. Glad to say the day is almost done and he is playing nicely (finially) with his birthday digger and older brother. Well it rained this evening so if you have squirly boys you know what that means. . . they were NAUGHTY ALL DAY today. Sigh........ I will be back tomorrow with some projects I have been working on. Oh and Nita and I are booked for SCRAPFEST 09 CROP yeah!


Marjanne said...

happy birthday to your baby son, time flies by... it is true! Before you can believe it he is 18!

Claire Phillips said...

Jaime - I am laughing at what you say about your boys! So true - mine are the same especially on wet days. Then I had a girl......all peace was shattered - she is bossy and in control of everybody...beautiful but sooooo different from boys! Claire x