Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crafty Creations- Metal Challenge

Well it is time for Crafty Creations Challenge again this week. The lovely Ali has set the challenge this week as METAL- Use it on a layout, card or Crafting Project. So I made a Message Board below. I took pictures through out so you can see how i did it.

I started with an old cork board that my MIL was getting rid of and some left over coil steel from when we remodeled out house. I cut it to just over 1/4 larger than the opening so I could pop it under the frame.

For the top that didn't get covered I used so CTMH paper and covered it. Then tacked ribbion around the edge to hide any imperfections.

Then I treaded some Buttons and glue dotted them to the top of the push pins. To give it a more finished look.

Lastly I made some little holders for appt cards, business cards, and some covered pushpins and magnets too.
The finished board matches my Americana Decor in my Kitchen/ Dinning Area. It really was so simple to make and didn't take that much overall time. Granted it took me all day to complete, I only worked on it a total of 25 minutes. I hope you can join us at Crafty Creations this week. You will have to check out the adorable earings up for grabs this week from our sponsor!


Saskia said...

Hello Jaime!

Wow!! Great message board!!! I love your colours and lay-out!

Sweet greetings,

Maria Matter said...

Absolutely brilliant!
Blessings, Maria

Anonymous said...

Really great message board, Jaime!! Wonderful idea for the metal challenge!!\
Hope all your farm work is going well, and you find some time to relax too!