Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crafty Creations #9 & 2 new DT members

This week theCrafty Creations Challenge is fabric. Well I have need to get this done for a few months now so what a perfect time to get it done. My laptop was in need for a cushioned carry case. I look and refused to pay $50 for a black one with few frills. So i found this bag at Walmart for $7 on clerance. I bought the foam for the insert at Joann's for $5. I had the fabric left over from a blanket I made for John's Goddaughter, so it cost me a hole whopping $12 and some time and I got a really cute looking bag. I cut the insert foam to fit the bag and computer. Then cut the fabric to fit over it. i am not one too fuss too much and just cut and sewed. two
zips on the inside bag and fit it. two zips on the outside bag. and then I tucked the top over and zipped that. I glued the inside inplace then the outside over the top and tucked it in the inside of the pocket. Shoved it in the bag and vowla!

We also have a warm Welcome for our two new DT members Ali and Saskia.


Maria Matter said...

How cool is this!!!!
Jaime,you did a fabulous job!
Now you're ready to blog wherever you go! :)
Blessings, Maria

Anonymous said...

Wow Jaime - this is a fabulous project - I don't blame not wanting to pay $50 for a boring one, when you can carry this around instead. It looks really great! Ali

Els G. said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!
Do you take orders??? :-)

Tabitha said...

Really cute Jaime. I love that you just made one yourself instead of buying a mass produced one! I am very impressed!