Tuesday, April 7, 2009

31 down 29 to go

Weeee hooooooo! I only have 29 more pounds to go before i am at my finish line goal. (i have a few more smaller goals before the ultimate one, but yeah!) Sorry had to share I was excited! Thank you for all the lovely comments on the bag, but really it was so simple and the outer purchased bag was the really cute thing. I will be Awol most of the rest of this week as I am preparing the easter feast for here, i will be back tomorrow for The Crafty Creations Design team peice for sure, but i am trying to get my craft space cleaned and i am not a very clean srapper or card maker so I may need to avoid it like the plauge when i finially get it cleaned. (Which will more than likely be late Saturday night/ Sunday morning before the guest arrive)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaime! Yeah! What an accomplishment! That is really great, it's not an easy thing and you're well on your way!!
Thank you so much for your package I received today!! Your card is so pretty, I love it! And the gifts too!

Bridgett Owens said...

Kudos to you, Jaime! I am so happy for you! I know how hard it is to budge the scales and you are really close to your goal! Woohoo!! Hope you and your family will have a wonderful Easter weekend!