Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh snowy march

Well as we continue to be plaged by Winter, Last week and early this week were just teasers once again. We are getting SNOW and lots of it again. Up to 9 inches by tomorrow morning. Oh well Minnesota Weather strikes again. The boys are crazy today-- should have know so much snow would fall. How do they just know to act that way when it is crappy out? Anyway I found my Camera is out of action:( on Saturday when I tried taking a pic of Kayla's Wedding head peice I made for her, so I tried taking one with the Webcam but it just blurred it too much to see it clearly. Well it does look pretty so sorry it doesn't in the picture. As for tomorrows DT work I have to see it I can get the scanner working or something. Well off to clean -- oh yeah I can't contain my self with excitement! Have a happy day!

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