Saturday, November 29, 2008

here in Chicago

Well we made it to chicago on Thursday evening around 10:45 or so. Dad, Joy, and Jacob made it here around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. Pika and I went shopping for Black Friday and got a few steals or a deals. Which means i am almost done with my Christmas list. YEAH. We got back and took the boys to the park. haha we even have a picture of John on the little horsey thing. too funny cause everytime we tryed to snap a pic he bolted. Then Jason got pink eye, so I and Tom spent 2-3 hours in urgent care and the pharmacy with him. Oh my poor buddy. He has a raging ear infection as well. He seems to be doing well with it though, and they said he can still go in the pool. (which we will do as soon as all the lazy bums get up) Tonight we are going to the circus and going on the metra (train) bud is estatic about the train ride.

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Bridgett Owens said...

Glad to hear you are having fun and sorry to hear about your little guy! Doggone it! My babies are both sick, throwing up and feeling bad! I hope you have fun at the circus and on the train. I am announcing my blog candy later today 11-30 and I have you down! Check back when you can for the winner to be announced!