Friday, October 31, 2008

I finally figured out how to store my stamps with ez-mount. This is just some plexiglass. I stamped with stazon and then placed the stamps behind and binded with a large hoop ring.
I made these on Wednesday for my religion students. Papers are from Marcella by K and base card is from CTMH. I know the colors don't match but I cut the bases on Monday and found the halloween papers on Clearence on Tuesday and didn't have time to make them like I wanted (to match the card I made below), so I had to improvize. I think they would have look better with a citrus green base, oh well.

So now for my Jake and Jason story. Well the guys are in the field and John's mom has been gone most of the week so when it is time to milk the boys just kinda have the run of the farm. We check on them once in awhile, but for the most part they just play in the yard and no biggy. Well Wednesday night we were milking and I had to leave to teach religon early so I and Bud got ready to go and I got Jake into dry clothes cause he was mixing cement again. (Dirt and Water with various other things- corn, pellets, silage , or what not) As I put his boots on I notice protein pellets and said hey you got pellets in your boots. "I made my birthday cake" he said. I just left it that he made a mud pile and left. Well after religon John said oh are you going to clean up their mess tomorrow. What mess? Well the pellets they dumped out of the Bulk bin. So I thought okay can't be that bad right? So after I and the boys filled 13- 5gallon pails and 4-50lb. feed sacks up there was still a good pile at least another 3-4 5 gal. pail, but I didn't have any more pails or bag so I figured they can clean them up as they feed the steers. So that was Jake's Birthday Cake. Like a ton of protein pellets I said next time I will just buy you an ice cream cake okay. Have a good Hallow's eve!


SeaStar Creations said...

don't you love ez mount? i have some with and some without ... definitely enjoy with :) better image i think. your halloween prizes for your religious class are adorable ... love the little skelton guy! and your story of the birthday cake made me laugh! i am guessing maybe it wasn't so funny when you first found the pile, though :(


Donna said...

lol I bet Jake thought his cake was fantastic, would love to see the look on your face when you found the pile. Sounds like a little boys paradise at your house, my son would love helping them with their baking. Your storage is great Jaime and so are your halloween prizes. Have a good weekend. Donna x

Anonymous said...

What a great way to store your stamps, Jaime! Oh boy can't they just make us shake our heads in wonder?? Sounds like Jake had some fun, though! lol.

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

oh my word!!!! certainly a busy day for you hun.

glad your parcel arrived in time and you liked it!

hugs jane x

Bridgett Owens said...

I bet it is never a dull moment with those boys! LOL

I love how your projects turned out! I think they are cute!