Monday, October 6, 2008

Are we there yet?

Oh it has been way too busy of a weekend/ end of last week. The guys filled silo last week, planted winter wheat, and got some of the beans combined. I had a doctor visit, Jason did with his specialist in the cities, and 2 speech sessions too. Talk about none stop. No wonder the laundry and house didn't get done.
The specialist I went to doesn't think I have Rhoimitoid Arthritis, but the rest of the test only come back late this week. So for know she thinks it is just over use of my hands and the lower extremities is from the way I walk with being pigion-toed. So she said I should limit the use of my hands. HAHAHAHA yeah right!
Jason's visit went allright I guess. They still won't do a lactose intolerence test, but drew blood for some other tests. Including milk allergy and sillia testing. We don't want to call it IBS, but it falls under the same umbrella- sorry but what the HELL. GRRRR, all of his symtoms fit under IBS, but kids his age just don't get IBS. Not from what I have read but she is the specialist right? It is under the same area as IBS meaning it is a disfunction of the lower GI track, but not IBS. Don't ask I still am not too happy about the no lactose test either which is a simple breath test and not a ten tubes of blood from a screaming bloody murder 4 year old!
Silage is done!!! I even got to unload my first box of silage on Saturday morning. Aren't you proud dad!? I also got to drive the "big JohnDeere" Saturday afternoon. (john's parents were gone for the weekend, so there for yours truely ended up with a lot of extras including milking with my sweet Kristina on Saturday night by ourselves.) Oh and I got Kim's Senior picts done on Saturday too.
But I am done venting know and hope to get some new stuff up here soon.


Anonymous said...

WOW! thats my response to that. Hope everything goes more cheery for you this week :) & tell those little stinkers that aunty Kayla says HI!

Anonymous said...

hey Jaime! I was just reading about your troubles with doctors and what could be up with your son. It caught my attention, as my 4 yr old seems to have a lactose intolerance, or that is what my best guess was, and the doctor just agreed with my diagnosis!! lol! He did not give him the test either...What's up with that? Anyway maybe we should compare notes... I keep thinking I should insist too that they do the test! I laughed too when you said you'd have to stop using your hands!! What are they thinking anyway?? Hope your week gets better...

Camilla said...

I just want to wish you the best of luck with my Candy;) Thanks for joining!!
Hugs, Camilla.