Monday, September 15, 2008

Scrapfest at MOA-- what fun!!!

Well I made it back around 8:30 last night and am in need of much sleep still! Nita and I had a blast! We went to the movie, "The Women" on Friday night, Oh my sides hurt from laughing. A MUST see CHICK flick! So we got to the hotel around 11p.m. or so to the sound of fire alarms going off every 2-3 minutes, but luckly they fixed the problem before we were ready to actually sleep. Got up early hit the hot tub and off to the Mall of America for more standing in line and make and takes. The lines were really bad this year but the M&T's were great so we really didn't mind too much. Saturday night we had out Crop

Around Town so we only got back to the hotel at 2A.M. Sunday morning (oh we stopped for a night cap before going up to our room). Sunday I was up early so I went to the hot tub and pool, then off to the Mall for some more Scrap! Why is it when you don't have to get up early you can't sleep in!!!!! Anyway now for the stuff you actually want to see. . .This one was the make and take at Sandylion Stickers. I made it there all 3 days and they switched every day. You got to keep the sticker sheet you used on Sat. and Sunday.

The Picture frame holds a 4x6 picture. We made this one at Creative Imaginations. That was a long line too, but we waited till Sunday and then the line only took us about a half hour or so. They switched projects 2 times a day or more, but the line was always way long!

This one is the make and take that Stemma did. It was a memo board holder thing. The line was a 1-2 hour wait. We did it on Sunday as the line was only like an hour wait. Plus we switched off and did the candy bar while we waited.

This last one is one you all are going to be so jealous of. Hehe. On Friday I got to meet the fabulous TIM HOLTZ in person. I was in awe by his creativity and knowledge. WOW, he is amazing to meet, so friendly and down to earth. So anyway this was the tag he created for me and I got him to sign the back for me.

I will try to load more for you tomorrow. I've got tons more.


Anonymous said...

totally awesome! I am so Jealous!! one of these years I'm going to have to go with you! haha. anywho, I got your message and yes the ivory dealy-o's is fine by me and when can we start?

Victoria said...

oh wow what an awesome trip very jealous!

Donna said...

you lucky lucky woman, i wish they did things like that over here and you met Tim Holtz wow, sounds like the perfect weekend. Donna x

Ashly Kay said...

Hey! So I got a big smile on my face when I saw that picture with you and my mom. Could you e-mail me that picture?! And I just want to say how jealous I am of all of your scrappy-crafty cards and pages. Love looking at your blog!! Miss you! kiss those lil boys for me!

Bridgett Owens said...

It sounds like you had an awesome time! I am so jazzed for you that you got to meet Tim H. That rocks!!!

Anne Marie Peterson said...

Jaime, it sounds like you had a blast! I wish you weren't so far from Georgia!! I would love to have been there! These projects are all adorable. I know you had a great time.
Anne Marie

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you 2 had a GREAT weekend, just like you said. I am jealous too, like everyone else. I just adore the picture of YOu and Nita! It is so good that you get to get away. I want to see that movie too. I have seen the original one from like 1939, you should watch it too! Another chick flick. I also like that I got to find Ashly's blog from here, cool. I left her a message too. Glad you 2 had a good time! Love and miss you, Joy