Monday, August 18, 2008

Well we had a busy weekend. It was Forest City Thrashers Saturday and Sunday. Usual I only take the boys on Sunday as 2 days keeping track of 2 boys gets to be too much. But this year they honored my Grandpa Bill so I went with the boys both days. We threw candy in a non-candy throwing parade--Grandpa loved his sweets. I was a good girl on Saturday and put on gobs of sunscreen, but yesterday I got there late and didn't get it on til too late. Lets say Lobster!! John went down on Friday, Saturday and Sunday again to help get everything ready. They were only going to get 1 load to thrash each day so they told them they were going to bundle more so they could do a few more loads. Luck would have it the steam engine couldn't get the one thrasher to work and they didn't use the other one till later on Sunday. So the guys were pitching bundles all day Sunday and it was HOT.Jason trying his first pedal tractor pull. He pulled 6 feet 6 inches. He got a T-shirt for 4th place.
Jake trying it out too. He was more interested in this boogy monsters than the whole pulling thing. He got a t-shirt for trying.
The sign I made for Grandpa's Thrashing machine. Steve pulled it thru the parade with the Oliver Super 88. We all got to take Grandpa's tractors and his crew's tractors thru first, ahead of the showcased tractors. Uncle Wes (g-pa's older brother) was the first tractor with the flag.
Here is the actual Threshing part of the show. John is on the 88, Brian is pitching, and Mike is slacking go fig. huh. Family can view the rest of the pics on Snapfish group. They are all loaded. Enjoy. Now to go and get some challenges done with my new stamps. Wiff of Joy's arrived Saturday. Oh I love em. Too cute.


kes said...

nice to see how the other half live. Thankyou for sharing

Anonymous said...

i love the pics very cute. Tell Bud and Dude I say HI! and congrats to Bud getting 4th! yippie. :) anywho... what saturday works good for you to come up with invite ideas or to start them or something? haha

kes said...

you've been tagged!!!!!