Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Sorry I have been so busy with other stuff lately that I just haven't scrapped or inked lately. I do have a pile waiting for me and plan on getting some of it done real soon, hopefully tonight.
The boys have been sick and of course shared with their momma. So they both have had earaches of course in the middle of the night when I want to sleep. I think they are over their ichies for the most part just snot noses. Me on the other hand am coughing and horse and headaches. So I did get a nice nap today and hopefully that will help make me feel better. We have thrashers this weekend. It is an old time farming and antique tractor show. We did this for years before Grandpa died and now in his memory every year, this year the club is honoring Grandpa so I have signs to get made yet and all that stuff. I hope to get those done tonight and wash and wax the tractor yet after chores.
Lastly my Whiff of Joy stamps shipped monday I think so I will be playing with those SOON. I'll post when I get them. Heehee I can't wait.

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