Friday, July 18, 2008

Sorry I've been out

. . . and about. Just been too busy this week. I will work on some stuff to post tomorrow. My Tildas arrived yesterday in the post so I inked them up and did get a few colored and cut today while the car was getting new brakes. So that means you will be seeing some tildas here soon. Don't forget to check back next week wednesday for the SBS18 Challenge as I am hosting it and will have a fabby prize for all those that play along.

John got the lawn mower stuck. HAHAHA. . . don't worry I got pics. Got to love a wife with a camera. Jake got stuck too, but in the mud with his feet. Well atleast he waited till end of July to catch the bug. My big Bro Tom and his wonderful wife signed for there new home this week too. CONGRATS! Remember my reservations for november. Oh and Jason finially got his prize at speech-- a spiderman intertube-- so he is tickled spiddy red. Guess we will have to go to the lake sometime and actually use it for its given purpose and not to play ring the mommy with. Well I'll be back soon.

I added the stuck lawnmower pic for you all to laugh at. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Have those pictures made it to snapfish yet? I know dad would love to see those.

kes said... of tildas or john!!!! No it has to be both lol.

Tabitha said...

Hehehe love when you catch the boys doing something silly!

Anonymous said...

I think some one should maybe possibly regrade the lawn with proper drainage so lawnmower does not feel the need to play hide and seek or maybe a pair of mud swamper tires?

craft mad Jenny said...

love it!
there's something for you on my blog!!!