Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Challenge on SBS18

Barnyard Fun. . . like that is a big surprise. Here is my stuff and the prize. Make sure to enter. Oh yes and my first Tilda card. Farmer Tilda- like I could resist buying that one.

The prize

So some Barn humor if you made it this far. . .
Jake was in the back barn today helping scoop poop and there was a heifer calving. (cow having a baby) So he tells me "Mom, cow having a calvy, it coming out of her BuTT" Yes we heard that several times today thank you. Of course as soon as John and I had the calf pulled out Jake says "daddy, calvy wet?" Well yes of course Jake. I said you were too when you were born after he asked WHY for the thousandth time. Dad pipes in with a "so Jake where did you come from?" Jake didn't answer thank God. Got to love Dads.


Unknown said...

lovely :)

craft mad Jenny said...

I love that farmer tilda card - it's great!

Anonymous said...

Great cards! Cute story!