Friday, June 13, 2008

All Powered Up

So I am back. . .
We were out of power yesterday from 1AM to 7PM. No blogging, no surfing, no tunes!!!, I did get a great long nap though. HEHE

Wasn't too bad, we used the generator at John's parents to milk cows and stuff, and Bud stayed with Dad and wezzeled his way to Ashly's house so he was happy. Me and Dude came home and tried to clean, but no water or power puts a damper on washing and vaccuuming. That and I have a hard time starting to clean a room and not finishing it so I didn't feel like starting too good. I did get the laundry folded and the SOCKS YUCK sorted. Which left me answering all of Jake's why doesn't this work or that work questions-- boy does daddy have a lot to fix cause the easiest answer after explaining the power was out was it's broke dad has to fix it. So I did get a little bit done in my corner, but Jake wanted my endless attention. I got the SBS18 Challenge done for this week.

Playtime and friendship word puzzle stamps from CTMH. Burlap and hemp twine. Colored with my water color pencils and then I blended with my CTMH blending pen- I've never used it for that before, I loved how controlled it was and I didn't have too worry about too much water. On the inside I wrote. . . Hope you swing together for many more years. -- It is a couples challenge.

Wednesday we went to eat for my Grammy's 69th birtday. The boys kept us all entertained. It was also John and my 10th anniversary from our first date. So this way I got to atleast go out to eat-- even if he didn't remember. It rained most of the time we were there and all day before we got there for that matter. Other than that not much going on. Still cold and windy. June and I still have not put the boys winter clothes away. Now they just don't have to wear the snowpants and heavy jackets.


Anonymous said...


kes said...

This is sooo good, hope all in order at home now. Happy anniversary for your 1st date.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful couples card! So sweet! Have a great weekend!
smiles, Deena

Unknown said...

another fab entry! happy birthday for the morning ;) xx

Tabitha said...

What a NEAT idea to use Burlap and hemp twine for your background.

Love how you place the word together above the two girls!

paylin said...

Hi Jaime, just to wish you ~~ Happy Birthday and all the best in your career ~~ and drop by to say helo

Takecare and have a great day

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

lovely card jaime

happy birthday too

hugs jane x


Jheffner said...

so cute! I love that stamp and how you colored everything in, great job!

Heather said...

well cute swing stamp! lovely. happy anniversary too.