Friday, May 9, 2008

What a Week. . .

Well I wish I could say I was on top of everything and have all of my mother's day gifts done and ready for you to see. I thought about them does that count. Field work officially began this week, so therefor I have seen my husband for um.... did I see him this week.. . oh yeah about for 10 minutes when he woke me up to let me know he was home everynight and about the same amount when he told me to get my butt in gear every morning. Oh the joys and pains of the fieldwork widow. All the extra work, a cranky husband cause he has sat in the tractor all day and well into the night, 2 boys, and oh yeah we have the inlaws coming over on sunday for Mother's Day. Grrrr. That leaves tomorrow for me to clean and cook--yikes! Well don't look under the couch, it's cushions, or well at anything. I decorate in dust bunnies!!!

Oh I officially am in the know with Posion Control and now have their number programed into my phone. Jake sprayed Iodine Tenture in his eye last night. (we were feeding, vaccinating, and spraying the navel of one of the 6 new calves we had this week.) He was holding the bottle and I was feeding the calf. I told him to leave it alone and of course he sprayed himself in the eye. His eye looks fine now after 25 minutes of a screaming 2 1/2 being held under running water, he has iodine burns on his face where ever his sunburn was from Sunday. Lets say he looked a bit rough last night.

Anyway back to the boys they are a bit over TIRED!!

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Donna said...

Oh my goodness Jaime, what a week your having. I'm glad your son's eye is alright, children, they scare the life out of you don't they? I remember telling my son (who was 7 at the time) not to touch the iron because it was still hot, so he decided to see for himself and put his hand on it. When i asked him why he did it he replied ' I thought you were just joking'. MMMmmmmm Anyway i just popped over to say hello as one of your unofficial sisters of blog 18, i'm just waiting to be added to the list. Wishing you a peaceful day today lol. Donna