Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Stanking Busy

I will post the grad cards I am making with my Cuz Kris soon. We have worked on them the last 2 nights till late. 60 of them and they are the criss cross card with a band. Hopefully I will get a few done today. Other than that we have been in the field picking rocks, I went grocery shopping yesterday- not a good day, I'll explain later, I am no longer shopping at Walmart, Milking cows am and pm, making meals for the guys, and cleaned calves out again today. Grrr. . . I need more hours in a day or the need for less sleep. Have to get the SBS18 challenge done this week cause I didn't get the last one done. Well have a good one and still hoping for lots o rain so I can nap and play.


Anonymous said...

well thanks for the din din. i hope that was the high light of your shopping experience!

InkyAndScrappy said...

YES it was, can't go wrong with Mongo's. YUMMMM