Friday, March 14, 2008

sorry just venting

Okay so I just got this email back and was totally chewed out cause, she assumed that I ment having boys is harder than having girls. Just so you all know I love my boys dearly and they can be the sweetest and cutest boys alive and the naughtiest, but by no means do I think it is harder to raise boys than girls. I just think that when they are younger boys tend to get into more trouble, but when girls hit the hormonal stuff hey hands down they are harder. Not that I am comparing or think all are the same. I know everyone has their struggles and every person has a different personality. So sorry if I make light of what my boys do or come up with and try to find the humor in it. Thanks for letting me vent.


Inkey Pingers said...

YOU ARE KIDDING ME! I can't believe someone would e-mail you about such sillyness! Well, I have two girls and two boys and I think boys are much more trying than girls! Just for the record! hee hee


Maces Faces said...

I also have both and I have always said that at this age BOYS are much harder, but I would probably change my story once my girls hit the hormones!!! You have beautiful work!! I agree quite silly!!