Thursday, March 6, 2008

Oh, is it Friday yet??

Not that it really matters, cows and calves have to get fed yet and the boys still need a mom on the weekend. Just feels like it should be Friday already, busy week. Anyway, we had Jason's Dr. appt at the U yesterday. We are going to try what they suggested and go back in 2 months. Hopefully it works and our boy can enjoy life with no more unnessesary pain. Other than that we have all been sick or had the flu so hopefully we are done for the season. HAHAHA--yeah right we all know how that goes. -10* tonight and 40* next tuesday, sounds like fun. I did get to go to archiver's on our way back yesterday. I only bought a few new things, but got a ton of ideas so hopefully I will find time to get some done soon. Tootles for now.


Inkey Pingers said...

Yeah Jaime...I'm so glad to see that you made it on here! Your pages are adorable! "For the love of Dirt!" What a cute title. Talk soon.


Inkey Pingers said...

Hey Jaime, you should go to my link "the sisterhood of the blogging stampers" so you can be in my group. ALl you hve to do is post once in a while on everyones blog!

Unknown said...

Yes Friday arrived! Glad that you sent out your information about your blog! I love the dirt layout!